July 22, 2014

B.ü.L.b Comix: 2wBOX Set Z

I'm a bit late on this. The independent publisher B.ü.L.b Comix has been founded in 1996 in Geneva by Nicolas Robel joined by Mathieu Christe and Heidi Roethlin. The first small box with mini leporellos has been published in 1997 and marked with the letter A. In 2013 with the Z box the unique series is completed now. Within sixteen years B.ü.L.b Comix presented an impressingly high quality range of more than 120 international artists as so in the last box Z, with Blexbolex experimenting with photography (surprise, surprise) and Yuichi Yokoyama playing with frames and abstraction. Nicholay Baker (aka Nicolas Robel? no, I don't believe the story of the little known author living in Tiraspol, Transnistrie) provided a zoetrope to be animated on a turntable (not approved). Famous Swedish contemporary artist Jockum Nordström (author/illustrator of e.g. "Vart ska du ga?" and the "Sailor & Pekka" books) combined pale watercolors and silhouettes to a forest scenery with humans and animals interacting with each other. The psychedelic pencil drawings by Elvis Studio aka Helge Reumann/Xavier Robel tell a story each revealing a little more with every sight.

The editorial aim of B.ü.L.b Comix is to focus on international artists, renowned ones as well as upcoming artists, in the fields of illustration, comics and contemporary art and to remain independent at any time. If someone is asking them why spending so much time and effort on folding boxes, filling them with tiny albums for over sixteen years without making financial profit (profits of the book sale are used for new projects) they answer with a quote: "We're still here, you bastards!" - against all doubts. They face the challenge and they are doing right. Such a consistency in independent publishing deserves to be supported. You can order your own box here (scroll down for the terms of purchase in English). It will be sent to you unfolded and that's where the fun begins!