July 15, 2014

Madalena Moniz: Hoje Sinto-me...

The Orfeu Mini series has been lauched in 2008. I'm very delighted to show you their newest publication "Hoje Sinto-me..." (Today I Feel) by Lisbon-based illustrator Madalena Moniz. It's a very special alphabet book about feelings from A to Z, like A for Audacious, C for Curious, P for Patient etc. Every emotion is shown on a separate page. I'm really liking Madalena's watercolor and ink paintings. They are so full of ideas and very poetic. My favourite is the "Forte" one on the bottom.

Orfeu Negro has already released an impressive number of picture books in Portuguese by well-known authors/illustrators like Jon Klassen, Joelle Jolivet, Beatrice Alemagna. Don't miss their fantastic book trailers!