November 11, 2014

David Sire / Thomas Baas: Plitsch, der Regenschirm-Mann

Another beautiful children's book in the series "Kleine Gestalten".  "Plitsch, der Regenschirm-Mann" has been launched in September and was originally published in French ("L'homme parapluie") by Editions Sarbacane. In January 2015 the English edition ("Plip, the Umbrella Man") will follow, published by Gestalten as well. The illustrator is Paris-based Thomas Baas who has worked on several children's books already, the author is David Sire who writes, makes music and is the inventor of the concert series "Bidulosophe".

This children's book is about a man, called Plip/Plitsch/Ploc, who decided to turn into an umbrella. Protected from the persistant rain he could live on his own without getting wet. But he felt lonely until he met a woman very similar to him. Now their umbrellas were in the way ... It's a very metaphoric book about self-defense, doubt, love and confidence. To emphasize the inner life of Plip Thomas Baas worked only with cool green tones, black and a warm red. The publisher recommends this book for children aged 3 to 8 years, I would say it's actually for people aged 3 to 80 years.

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