November 02, 2014

Elisabeth Dunker: Fine Little Day

Never come home without a book. We were in Stockholm last week and I found my way to the House of Rym shop in Södermalm, where Elisabeth Dunker's first book is sold together with all the beautiful Rym products. The book contains no less than the same as the Fine Little Day blog: Elisabeth's beautiful and so unique collections, her wonderful summer house, images of her home and studio in Gothenburg, DIY projects as well as homes and work by other great artists and designers like Anna Backlund, Henning Trollback, Mogu Takahashi. The only thing I eventually miss is the brightness of her photos like I know it from her blog (and which I never reach with my own unprofessional photos). The images appear sometimes a bit greyish. I guess it's a printing issue. Nevertheless it's great to have the blog on paper.

There is so many courage und creativity in her designs and ideas. They are always a bit quirky and special like the handwriting in this book which likes wandering to the top right instead of being lined up. And I love it so much.

Maybe I wouldn't have started Fine Fine Books without knowing that there are people around appreciating the playful and naive, the patinated and intuitive things in the world. Even if you don't understand Swedish (I don't understand a word) this book is really good to have. You can order it online at the FLD shop. The book has been published by Natur & Kultur and created together with Klara Bothén.