December 22, 2014

A Treasury of Wintertime Tales / Das Wintermärchenbuch

When it's cold and dark outside and the candles are lit it's good to have a book like this at hand to read out to the kids or alone on the sofa. "A Treasury by Wintertime Tales" by Taschen contains 13 tales from around the world dating 1823 - 1972. Each tale is illustrated by a different artist, among them Beatrice Braun-FockIlona Karasz and Louis Slobodkin. The book is actually a collection of  the most beautiful picture books including stories about loosing mittens, snowflakes that come to life, the Chinese New Year, a Snow King and classics like "The Night Before Christmas" by Clement C. Moore.

I want to dive deeper into all those stories over the Christmas holidays. Some of the tales are a bit out of time of course and when reading them with my kids I reword or simplify some text passages because both are too young to know what a "dairyman" is or a "storm window". Some of the Christmas traditions they never heard of but together with the pictures the stories work very well. The book is edited by Noel Daniel and published in German and English.

Merry Christmas to you my dear readers! Thanks a lot for sending me your wonderful books and thanks so much for your support and feedback here and over there!

Most I would love to have the original edition by "Too many mittens" (below), written by Florence Slobodkin and illustrated by Louis Slobodkin in 1958.