December 03, 2014

Réka Király: Yksi vielä / Jenni Erkintalo: Värejä meressä

Napa Books updated their webshop with new silk screen prints, gift boxes and children's books like these two ones in Finnish by Réka Király and Jenni Erkintalo, the founders of Etana Editions

That's what Réka and Jenni say about their books: "We believe that from the front till the back cover, each picture, detail and even the empty pages are playing important role in defining the rhythm of the story. We trust in children's intelligence and imagination and that thinking has to be challenged from early age. Picture books are a meeting point for readers of different kinds, that children and parents can discover together."

Etana Editions have also a webshop with lovely postcards and prints.

Don't miss the annual Napa Flipbooks Competition and there's also a Napa bookshop in Helsinki.

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