January 29, 2014

Lifecycling. The Story of 16 Inspiring Homes

A new one published by PIE Books. Take a look at their catalogue Spring/Summer 2014. "Lifecycling" is originally a web magazine created by Japanese brand IDEE. The contents of the magazine turned into a book with 12 Japanese homes and 4 interiors in Los Angeles. Want to see more interviews and photos? This way. To order a publication you have to contact one of the publisher's authorized distributors. There is a local distributor in Berlin as well now.

(All images: PIE Books)

January 20, 2014

Lemony Snicket and Jon Klassen: Dunkel / The Dark

When my 3-year-old and my 6-year-old say "Noch mal!" ("Again!") just after reading a book to them then it's a good one. Trust me! And obviously we are not the only readers who think so: Since its release in April last year "The Dark" by Lemony Snicket and Jon Klassen has been reviewed enthusiastically a lot. So some of you have this one already on their bookshelf, I guess. The German edition ("Dunkel") by Swiss NordSüd Verlag is for sale from today on!

The story is about a little boy who is afraid of the dark. Mostly the dark lives in the basement, but one night the dark arrives in his room ... kind of spooky, but never terrifying. When the dark visits the boy it talks to him and acts like a friend. And in the end the dark shows the boy where to find the light. I rarely say this so clearly: I can really recommend this book. Great text, great illustrations and a story that confront with a children's fear and shows how to cope with rather than to distract from it.

More about the the brilliant children's book best sellers Lemony Snicket aka Daniel Handler here and Jon Klassen, author/illustrator of "I Want My Hat Back" and "This Is Not My Hat", here.

Look at this page where the boy's speech is set in the light and the dark "talks" in the black

The last line the boy says is white text on black, he isn't afraid any more.

January 15, 2014

Collection Art-Album by Hélium and Palette

It's always a pleasure to browse their blog. My today's favourites: "Mon Petit Calder" written by Colombe Schneck and illustrated by Iris de Moüy and "Le Poisson Rouge de Matisse" by auteur Sandrine Andrews and Julia Chausson who makes wonderful woodcut illustrations. Both books are part of the Collection Art-Albums co-published by Hélium and Palette.

And those sticker books!

(All images: Palette/Hélium)

January 13, 2014

Flow: Book for Paper Lovers

More than 300 pages of paper goodies - it's a thick book! Inside you'll find postcards, DIY envelopes, address labels, coloring pages, stickers, even a pop-up and a garland, gift tags, wrapping paper and much more. Irene Smit and Astrid van der Hulst, the creative directors of Flow Magazine, thought it would be fun to create a whole magazine without any text to celebrate the magazine's 5th birthday. And they are right: It's a lot of fun inside! I felt almost overwhelmed when I wrapped it out and had a first look. All patterns, tags and labels are printed on perforated paper for easy removal. Did I mention that it's really thick? Illustrators from around the world contribute to this book, among them Deborah van der Schaaf, Leonie Bos, Helen Dardik and Caroline Ellerbeck. Watch out for the German Flow as well. More about Flow here and here. I wrote about the international issue before. Get your copy here!

January 09, 2014

Fred Rodrian and Werner Klemke: Das Wolkenschaf

Author/editor Fred Rodrian and illustrator/book maker Werner Klemke again, with their children's book "Das Wolkenschaf", published in 1958 by Kinderbuchverlag Berlin. It's about a little girl who find a sad sheep (a cloud) fallen from the sky ... The very prolific duo Rodrian/Klemke worked together for 20 years and created several bestselling children's books in the GDR. Their books have been republished by Beltz & Gelberg since 2009. Another favourite one here. I keep looking for some of their books.

 Fred Rodrian/Werner Klemke: Das Wolkenschaf, Kinderbuchverlag Berlin 1958

January 03, 2014

Mascha Kaléko / Franziska Schaum: Einmal sollte man ...

Happy New Year to all of you! 

Hope you all had a relaxing time with your friends and family as well. This book is a Christmas gift from a very good friend and titled "Einmal sollte man ...". It's a poem about escaping everyday life by leaving the beaten path, written by Mascha Kaléko (1907 - 1975) and illustrated by Franziska Schaum. (Why does the illustrator's name didn't find place on the cover?!)

The small-sized book is part of the series Petits Fours by Büchergilde. I wrote about this beautiful collection before. Take a look at the other little treasures by Katja Spitzer, Golden Cosmos and Franziska Neubert. And visit www.schaum.tv. The theme of the book is quite a good new year's resolution, I think.