February 28, 2014

Amelie Persson: Fantastische Geheimrezepte

I like those illustrated cook books by Berlin Jaja Verlag. "Fantastische Geheimrezepte" (Fantastic Secret Recipes) has been published in September 2013. The German-Swedish illustrator and author is Amelie Persson. All recipes are vegetarian like Paneer tikka masala and Zitronenpasta. There are also recipes for salads, soups and a carrot cake with cream cheese and vanilla ... You get this fine collection of 17 beautifully illustrated recipes for 5€ here. It took me some seconds to make out the title, I actually read "Tautartische ..."and wondered what this could be, but the handwriting looks good anyway, I love the handwritten imprint.

This one is also very nice! Here I wrote about another one.

Don't miss the other novelties by Jaja. Here it goes to their current catalogue.

AND take a look at the brandnew dragon comic by Annette Köhn, founder of Jaja Verlag: "Leto - Reise in die Halongbucht".

February 18, 2014

Antonella Abbatiello: Facce

The simplest things are often the best. Kids could appreciate that anyway. In this book Antonella Abbatiello creates an ingenious variety of faces and expressions with only a few words, colors, shapes and lines. The square book comes with an app for iPad (and soon for Android) "designed to amuse, intrigue, stimulate creativity in full respect of the time, the ways and the needs of children".
Watch the video and visit the website"Facce" ("Faces" in English) has been published in November 2013 by Italian publishing house Topipittori, one of my favourite publishers, who always surprises me with beautiful new releases.

I wrote about picture books by Topipittori before: click, click and click.

February 14, 2014

Beatrice Alemagna: What is a Child?

Sorry for the silence. Me and the kids have had a bad cold and I'm still not feeling 100 % ... For today a beautiful short film about "What is a Child?" by Beatrice Alemagna. Good for recreation.

Beatrice Alemagna / Emmanuel Feliu (2014) for Mirando Bok

"Che cos'è un bambino?" was originally published by Topipittori in 2008. It has been translated in several languages, now in Swedish (Vad är ett barn?).