January 05, 2015

Nicolas Robel: Topo Limbo

The turn of the year is always a good time to clear up a little, isn't it? So I used the holidays to organise my workspace. What I found is this book by Nicolas Robel, one of the three founders of B.ü.L.b Comix. I wrote about their great comic boxes before. I've got the booklet from this lovely lady some time ago. It's part of the series "Tolle Hefte" published by Büchergilde Gutenberg. The illustrations in five spot colours are offset prints with the colour separation done by the artist himself (not by scanner). The colours, especially the orange, are much brighter than on the photos I've made today with very less light ... The text is in German. It's a diary telling the story of three teenagers wandering around a mysterious island.


Last year another "Tolles Heft" has been published: "Die seltsame Orchidee" by H. G. Wells, illustrated by Katja Spitzer. Take a look