January 12, 2015

Van de Vendel / Van Hertbruggen: Der Hund, den Nino nicht hatte

"Der Hund, den Nino nicht hatte" (The Dog Nino Didn't Have) is a Belgian/Dutch children's book. The Geman edition has been published by Swiss/German publishing house Bohem this month. The atmospheric illustrations are by Anton van Hertbruggen. The story, written by Edward van de Vendel, is about a boy and his imaginary dog. Together they experience all kinds of adventures until one day the boy got a real dog as a present ... How strong the fantasy of a child could be and how much children can see where adults only see what's not there! I really like the message. The imaginative in contrast to the "real" world could not have been drawn better. Look at the last three pages below with all the "invisible" animals sketched with quick grey pencil strokes.

Bohem has some more lovely books in their current catalogue. I will show you one more soon. Here it goes to the original, the French and Danish edition.