February 27, 2015

Fine Fine Stuff

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February 24, 2015

Nadav Weisman: 2nd Date

Last week I got mail from Israel and I'm very delighted to show you a really charming comic book today. The illustrator is Nadav Weisman, living and working in Haifa. "2nd Date" is his first comic. It is meant for Hebrew readers and therefore told from right to left. I like the surprising perspectives Nadav Weisman used to illustrate daily activities like showering or teeth brushing and his way to zoom in and out of the scenery. The reduced colour palette and the "costumes" are aimed to reflect a nostalgic atmosphere inspired by the 1950s and 1960s. The comic contains five pages with panels and is wrapped with a black & white banderole. The illustrations are drawn with soft oil pastels and pencils. To find out more about Nadav Weisman's work take a look at his portfolio and flickr. Purchase a copy or one of his beautiful prints via ArtRebels.

February 17, 2015

Annu Kilpeläinen: Evolution. A Colouring Book

If you read my blog regularly you will know that I post solely about books I really like. Some books however I like even more than others. This is one of those very special books. It's a colouring book obviously and the subject is "Evolution". What we find inside is nothing less than the concept of natural selection and the evolution of life, from sea creatures via dinosaurs to mammals and humans. The bold and alive illustrations, which work in brilliant bright colours and black & white alike, are by London-based Finnish illustrator Annu Kilpeläinen. Besides the dynamic colouring pictures there are flaps to lift, die cut holes and stencils as well as an experiment with step-by-step pictures to engage the little ones and their parents. I really enjoyed going through this with my science excited 7 year old.  "Evolution" has been published by London book publisher Cicada Books, founded in 2009 by Ziggi Hanaor and specialised in high-end art and design books.

To purchase a copy of "Evolution" click here or here. Another book by Annu Kilpeläinen is in the works and will be published in September by Cicada Books as well.

Take a look at this great zine as well, printed by Tan&Loose.

February 11, 2015

Klaus Pichler

Three photobooks by Austrian photographer Klaus Pichler: The newest one, released last month, presents his latest work about "Dust" or about "making art out of dirt". My favourite "Just the two of us" contains a series of portraits of cosplayers in full costume photographed in their homes. "Skeletons in the Closet" shows how a museum looks like behind the scenes, in this case the Museum of Natural History in Vienna. Find out more about Klaus Pichler's many other projects on his website kpic.at.


All images by Klaus Pichler 

February 01, 2015

Klara Persson / Moa-Lina Croall: Sovdags för Lydia

This is the fourth children's book by graphic designer/illustrator Klara Persson, living and working in Malmö, Sweden. "Sovdags för Lydia" (Bedtime for Lydia) has been published in 2014 by Alfabeta and I'm glad to hold a copy in my hands today. What I like most about this book are the colours and colour combinations. The mintgreen with the light pink and grey, the indian red with the sea green and light olive. Or look at the night scenes in dim grey tones with lavender and purple hues. The story, written by Swedish author/musician Moa-Lina Croall, is about a girl who doesn't want to go to sleep in her own bed. Why not sleep like horses standing up or like lemurs sitting close to each other in lines or why not sleeping in the bathtub?

The text is set in a classic serif typeface, I personally would have loved to see Klara's handwritten types, which were used in her first children's books, again.

Buy this beautiful book here or here. Klara Persson is also the illustrator of the award-winning children's book "Molly & Sus" published by Urax. And she does a lot more, take a look at her site!