February 01, 2015

Klara Persson / Moa-Lina Croall: Sovdags för Lydia

This is the fourth children's book by graphic designer/illustrator Klara Persson, living and working in Malmö, Sweden. "Sovdags för Lydia" (Bedtime for Lydia) has been published in 2014 by Alfabeta and I'm glad to hold a copy in my hands today. What I like most about this book are the colours and colour combinations. The mintgreen with the light pink and grey, the indian red with the sea green and light olive. Or look at the night scenes in dim grey tones with lavender and purple hues. The story, written by Swedish author/musician Moa-Lina Croall, is about a girl who doesn't want to go to sleep in her own bed. Why not sleep like horses standing up or like lemurs sitting close to each other in lines or why not sleeping in the bathtub?

The text is set in a classic serif typeface, I personally would have loved to see Klara's handwritten types, which were used in her first children's books, again.

Buy this beautiful book here or here. Klara Persson is also the illustrator of the award-winning children's book "Molly & Sus" published by Urax. And she does a lot more, take a look at her site!