April 09, 2015

Fani Marceau / Joelle Jolivet: Wo bist du?

"Wo bist du?" has originally been published in French by helium in 2012 ("Dans le livre"), in 2014 in English by Chronicle Books ("In this Book") and finally in German by Aladin last month. This picture book tells not a single story, instead the short repetitive lines under each picture invite to all kinds of stories, always answering to the question "Where are you?" - "I'm in the tunnel, said the train. I'm in the apricot, said the pit. I'm in the forest, said the wolf." Children always want to know about their place in the world, don't they? So this book is a good starter to show them how even the tiniest thing has its place in a larger world. The last page features a dad with his son - and there is the answer: "And me (where I am?), I am in your arms". With 67 answers there is a lot to discover and it's not boring at all to look at the wonderful drawings by Joelle Jolivet. My 4 year old told me his favourite pages: the one with the spider, the tiger and the plane. Good taste, son.

Fani Marceau and Joelle Jolivet worked together as well at "Bei Tag und bei Nacht" (Vues d'ici). I'm also a huge fan of Joelle Jolivet's pinguins books (together with Jean-Luc Fromental).