October 16, 2015

Catarina Sobral: Aschimpa

Two beautiful children's books landed in my postbox last week both illustrated by Catarina Sobral. The first one I want to show you is "Aschimpa" ("Achimpa" in Portuguese) which has been published first in 2012 by Orfeu Negro. Now it's finally available in German thanks to Knesebeck. As with all children's books I did a test with my youngest. And it's one of those read-it-again-Mum books, which means he likes it a lot. The story starts with the discovery of the ancient, long forgotten word "Aschimpa". Once discovered the word spread like a wildfire, everyone started to use it, first as a verb, then as an adjective, and finally as a Perlinzium, another word no one knew what it was good for... So there is a lot of puzzling and fun playing with words inside. Sobral's illustrations are bold and very charming with a lot of unique characters and details to detect. Take a look here for another award-winning picture book by Catarina Sobral.

Here's the wonderful book trailer by Catarina Sobral: