November 09, 2015

Catarina Sobral: A Casa Que Voou

One more by Catarina Sobral: "A Casa Que Voou" is her newest book together with author Davide Cali. It has been published recently by Bruaá in Portuguese. Its charming, subtle story is about a house that flew away one day and a man, the owner of the house, who wandered from the fire department via the police to the civil aviation department searching for help and finally arrived at the countryside. There his house has found its new place. "I never thought it could be nice to have a country house", the man said at the end when he took the key to go inside. All pictures are drawn with crayons and pencil. The colour range is limited to red, blue, yellow and grey. What I like most about this book beside of the limited colour range is that browsing it almost feels like scrolling through original drawings, almost as if the pencil could rub off.

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