December 16, 2015

Anna Kövecses: One Thousand Things

This lovely book is for the youngest, it's perfect for children aged 1 to 3 who are about to build their basic vocabulary though it also could help older kids learn to read their first words. There are seven sections with different spreads showing "Things in nature", "Things that you can do" or "Things inside the house" for instance. Additionally on each spread the kids could search and find a little mouse hiding in the scene.
Personally I never get tired of looking at Anna Kövecses bold and colourful retro-modern illustrations. Her first picture book dedicated to her little daughter is a treasure as well.

Self-taught graphic designer/illustrator Anna Kövecses was born in Hungary. She's currently living in a small seaside village in Cyprus together with her family. Her previous clients include the BBC, The New York Times, and Monocle Magazine.

For me "One Thousand Things" is one of the most beautiful books published in 2015. Here it goes to the German edition.