June 17, 2015

Gérard Lo Monaco: Die kleine Welt aus Papier

"This is the best book in the world!" That's what my 4 year old said when he looked at Die kleine Welt aus Papier today. So Gérard Lo Monaco seems to have done everything right with this pop-up book. It is indeed very special and a great pleasure to explore. Browsing this book feels a bit like opening a toy box. Inside you'll find old-style toys like a red fire truck or a sailing ship. Each page is given a storyline "spoken" by a young child. So there is a lot of "Tuff, tuff, tuff!" when the tractor passes by and the elephant comes along with some "Stomp, stomp!". At the end all toys are scattered across the room and the child says goodnight promising to pick them up the next day ... The French original (Le Livre des Jouets de Papier) has been published by hélium in 2014, the German edition followed this year published by Gestalten. Watch out for their English version here!

Gérard Lo Monaco is an Argentinian illustrator, art director, and paper engineer living in Paris. In his newest book he converted Sonia Delauney's paintings into paper pop-up illustrations. Take a look!

Video by Silvia Pat