September 30, 2016

Chloé Perarnau

I'm so in love with her illustrations. Chloe Perarnau is a French illustrator living and working in Belgium for various projects, children's books, editorial press and art workshops. In 2013 she founded the fanzine Cuistax together with Fanny Dreyer and other authors/illustrators. Her newest book "L'Orchestre" has been published in May by L'Agrume. Want to see more? This way!

Chloé Perarnau: Combien de temps?, Actes Sud Junior 2014


Sandrine Le Guen/Chloé Perarnau: Clap Zoom, Actes Sud Junior 2013

Chloé Perarnau: L'Orchestre, L'Agrume 2016 

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