November 30, 2016

Mia Cassany / Mikel Casal: Frankfurt, un chucho con estilo

Frankfurt is the most refined little dog you could imagine. He drinks his tea without the slightest slurp, he never gobbles and arranges his toys and scarves according to size and colour. But there was one thing that really upset Frankfurt - his name. Nobody would ever take him seriously with a name like that!

This charming book about a clever little dog has been published by Mosquito Books Barcelona, a brandnew independent publishing house with a very fine catalogue. They plan to publish ten books per year all featuring Spanish artists like author Mia Cassany and illustrator Mikel Casal, winner of the 2016 Bologna Ragazzi Non-Fiction Award with "Así es la dictadura".

"Frankfurt, un chucho con estilo" is a really great book to start as a publisher, isn't it? Take a look at their other novelties as well here.