October 21, 2016

Evah Fan: Weird View, Weird Few

Yesterday I was happy to find this beautiful little zine in my postbox. It's by Oakland based artist/illustrator Evah Fan. "Weird View, Weird Few" contains paintings Evah collected in the context of her "Word/Phrased of the Day" project in the beginning of the year as an exercise to marry text and images that she was fond of:  "Some words I purely loved for sound, the ring of it, nice to pronounce it out loud. These collected pieces became the main emphasis for my show and now collected in a zine."

Check out her great shop and portfolio and pick up your copy here!

October 13, 2016

Tana Hoban: Is it red? Is it yellow? Is it blue?

Another fantastic one by Tana Hoban: "Is it red? Is it yellow? Is it blue?" published in 1978. More about the photographer and her books here!

"Opens our eyes to the beauty of everyday objects."

Tana Hoban:  Is it red? Is it yellow? Is it blue? A Greenwillow Book 1978