January 20, 2017

Gérard Lo Monaco: Ahoi! Eine Seereise

Another amazing pop-up book by Argentinian/French illustrator and renowned paper engineer Gérard Lo Monaco. I already showcased his first pop-up book "The Small Word of Paper Toys" published by Gestalten in 2015 here on this blog. Lo Monaco's latest book "Ahoi! Eine Seereise" (A Sea Voyage) is even more special and outstanding with its nostalgic charme and vivid rhymes. On six three-dimensional pop-up paper designs you'll find a sailing ship, an ocean liner, a rescue vessel, a caravel and pilot boat accompanied by two sailors and a dog. Background details about the ships, their shapes and ranges are included. Perfect for boat loving kids and grown-ups. Published in English by Thames & Hudsons. Pick up your copy in German here. Ahoi!

This book wasn't easy to photograph ... The trick is to press the shutter button before it snaps shut.